This year has been crazy. I’ve written a few short stories just this year alone that I will be putting out as chapbooks for the coming year and I’m a third of the way through Shadow of the Crown. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I am planning on getting it done by end of February if not earlier. I’m also at the end of my college career!

So you can say things are exciting. I will also be updating my website a bit to combine Fantasy Emporium onto here with the different book recommendations throughout the month. Obviously not all are personally recommendations as Fantasy Emporium is curated from different authors. However, I like to give every author a chance in their careers because we all started somewhere, including myself.

Speaking of starting somewhere, I got to see some crazy stuff today. On Facebook I got to see my day in history and just a few years ago I got excited for a couple sales compared to my usual 0 sales a month. Nowadays that normal would have made me depressed, so seeing this really put my life into perspective. I’ve definitely grown since then and all I can do is thank you all for being awesome readers. It is because of you all that I have grown so much.

Anyways, thank you all again and hopefully I can post some more on here including a few flash fiction pieces. See you all later!

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