When Becoming a Full Time Writer, It Is Always Important To Have The Right Tools

Note: Some paid resources are affiliate based. Meaning when you purchase it, I get a small cut. However, every resource I recommend here is honest and I have personally used or have experience with. This page will be constantly updates with new tools to use. Keep an eye out for updates.

Site Hosting

Web HostingThis is the personal website hosting I use. With amazing customer service they focus on WordPress blogs versus just regular hosting as many websites are. Everything is extremely simple and if you want to get some free hosting, you can refer a friend to get free months off of your own hosting. Overall, it is a highly dedicated server with friendly customer service representatives that always make me feel better whenever I have had an issue and when you get confused, they can walk you through everything.



3D maps for a writer

If you’re a fantasy writer, you probably need a map. Who better to get one from than myself for just $20-75. Just message me about an inquiry and I will get back with you.

Covered Creatively

Covered Creatively designed the cover for Kalla. I honestly love how her covers look and is extremely fast on coming back with a mock up or the completed version. During my wedding anniversary, I ordered a cover from her and was surprised to see it ready when I got back home.

Liquid Story Binder XE

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