Why 4TheWords is the Best Writing Platforms Out There

Why I love 4TheWords

Recently I’ve been using 4TheWords to help my writing out. Although I was skeptical at first, I’ve come to love it within the last few days. I’ve been able to hit 2,000 words without any issues. My reasoning for this is because instead of doing timed sprints, I’ve been doing word count based sprints. To add to the need to write these sprints, I have monsters I have to kill! I mean, who wouldn’t be pushed to get those 300 words done to kill a giant puff monster?

Obviously the program isn’t free, but you do get a free month trial and after that it’s just $4 or less per month depending on how many crystals (in game currency for purchasing subscriptions or special items) you purchase at one time.

Writing Faster in 4TheWords

Yes, I’ve been writing so much faster because of this. Just this month I’ve written at least 10,000 more words than last month. It also saved all of the words you’ve written on the website so you can start from anywhere as long as you have internet.

From there, I can keep pushing myself because there is always another monster to kill and more points to ear. Before you know you, you may hit 3,000 words after just a few sprints.

My goal is to have Shadow of the Blade written entirely through 4TheWords and get it completed before the deadline with wiggle room to spare.


The biggest benefit I’ve found on this website is NaNoWriMo. They have an entire celebration month for NaNoWriMo with new monsters, quests, and storylines to explore. There are even monsters that have 1,667 words worth of health that you need to beat in 24 hours (literally the amount you need to write each day to win NaNoWriMo).

If you don’t want to beat the big monsters, you can always do the smaller monsters to beat throughout the day to pace yourself a bit better and feel more accomplished.

Bonus Crystals for 4TheWords

As always, there are referral bonuses. So you can sign up with my referral link and get a free month trial AND get some extra crystals once you start paying for a membership so your first month will also be at a discount or use it towards decorating your character.

Use the referral code: CMEJB59943 on 4TheWords when you register to get your free trial and bonus crystals once you start the payments.

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