What if it was… in Space?

Alien Movie | Amber Morant Fantasy Author

This is probably one of the few movies I almost didn’t need to watch because of the pop culture references everyone uses for it. Obviously, I refused because I needed to just sit down and actually watch this film instead of getting dirty looks from everyone. Ever heard someone get offended you’ve never watched the movie Alien? Yeah, I have.

For a movie made in the 80s, I will give it amazing reviews on the practical effects that are used throughout. It felt very realistic that these were creatures we could physically touch instead of just robotics or some random fleshy thing just sitting on a counter.

Of course, there were parts that made almost no sense to me. One being the end with Ripley undressing and having underwear that was meant for a child. I actually did go and read about why she did that and found out it was supposed to be a nude scene and she was showing a side of her that was vulnerable after fighting off the alien. I didn’t bash her getting undressed. That made sense since she probably felt gross. It was just the way she was dressed that bothered me.

Adding to what got to me was the cat and how he managed to survive all of that. I’m not sure if the cat really was needed in the movie. It never seemed to give much of a use plot-wise. All we really saw from it was that the aliens didn’t care for him because he was too weak for their attention. Honestly, what strength do the humans even have against the alien in the end? I didn’t see much there.

However, there were constant questions I had throughout the film that made me want to keep watching the series of films now. A big one was who was the alien that came before them and died? Were they good aliens? Were they also evil creatures? Or why were we going so far out to mine from that particular asteroid? Why not something closer to Earth? What is special about that place?

Aliens Movie | Amber Morant Fantasy Author

The big thing that made me happy in the end about this film, was that it had a female who was the badass hero of the story. Granted the 80s were filled with these warrior-like women. We had Terminator that also fit into this position of strong women who could kick butt while also still being women in their own right. Although not in the 80s, but late 70s, Lynda Carter did help pioneer this with Wonder Woman fighting during WWII.

The alien was definitely a terrifying creature. Not just because of the queen, but also the face-huggers. Just imagining the fact that you are only still alive because it is using you to plant a child inside of you that will eventually burst out of you makes me squirm. Or how fast they grow. It’s literally a matter of an hour and it’s full sized and in its prime. I wanted to see what a horde of those would end up being like. After all, a Disney Queen needs her allies to fight for her. Yes, the alien is now considered a Disney Princess/Queen because it is owned by Disney. So I will definitely be trying to catch the other films online sometime later this year when I have the chance. Summer horror flicks are all still the rage, right?

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