There’s an app for that

Well everyone, usually i try and find what obscure apps exist out there and didn’t even think to see if WordPress had an app. Well I am here now while using an app on my phone. My only problem is my auto correct tends to not like some words from my book and turns the words to something completely different.

Now here is a recap for you all on what has happened this past week: I have made it to a 30 dollar mark on kickstarter and I got 33 likes total on my Facebook page. Why is that anything important of an announcement you ask? Well i am just surprised by the fact of how well it has gone so far and am hoping people will continue to help me out. If you’re one of those people who liked my Facebook page then go ahead and share the link with your friends. I’m sure one of them will be interested in the book as well.

Another important thing I learned just today. There is a huge book far around the corner that I hope to be able to attend and advertise my book at. If not that fair then another one coming up if i get the money. My only problem is that i need my kickstarter to be a sucess or it just won’t happen. So please, continue to spread the word and pledge some money to my book.

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