The Charm Bracelet – Book Review

As I have never done review on a book before, this will be an interesting time. As many of you know, I am a seller on fiverr and one of my customers asked me to look at their self published title “The Charm Bracelet”. Now being a fan of reading other’s work, I agreed to look at the 35 page long short story to see what the fuss was all about on this book. The lowest rating for the book on Amazon, I noted, was a 3 but majority of them were 5 stars which made me more anxious to read the book. Luckily the book was on sale that day so I didn’t have to spend a single penny. I will post the link at the bottom of the post for you all to purchase as well if you would like.

As for the summary, the author gives this on amazon:

“Mrs. Dee is a popular high school speech teacher that is not only very attractive but also very fashionable. One piece of jewelry she wears is her charm bracelet that all her students know. The clinging and clanging of the charms as she would write on the blackboard were part of the experience of her class. Almost no one gave any thought to the history behind the stones in the charms until they become in conflict with each other. The results of this conflict are both mysterious and horrifying until…….. enough is enough!”

At first I thought it was perhaps based in a time frame of our current society but as I began reading I soon realized the book was based around people in the 60’s. This was refreshing to the constant reads on the same time period of modern era I was surrounded by so often and made me want to read more as I never knew much about that era to begin with.

The story follows Mrs. Dee, a popular teacher at her school who takes education seriously but understands what the students are going through in their own lives. As the story progresses we find that the charm bracelet she was given as a child actually had an evil energy about it that cursed anyone that touched it except Mrs. Dee. When she were to take the bracelet off instead of a single person the curse would actually spread to others around her like a wildfire. Unsure of why this is so, Mrs. Dee does everything in her power to figure out the cause and what could potentially stop it.

With it being a self edited and published manuscript there are errors here and there, such as lack of a comma in random places or long drawn out paragraphs that cover an entire page but I put into consideration that it was a self edited manuscript and just like how I had once gotten overly excited on getting my manuscript out there without a true peer edit, there will always be mistakes.

Over all I give this short story a 4/5. Not because of any story line problems but just a few grammatical problems that don’t truly deter from the reading unless you are planning on analyzing the story.

You can buy “The Charm Bracelet” by Allen Gregory at

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