The Blue Mage Progress Update

I just finished Writing! Woohoo!
[mybookprogress progress=”1″ phase_name=”Writing” deadline=”1471046400″ book=”1″ book_title=”The Blue Mage” bar_color=”CB3301″ cover_image=”652″ mbt_book=”653″]

Seriously guys, this felt great finishing another story. This means I have beaten my record of publishing one story a year and have now reached two a year. The Blue Mage was an amazing story to write honestly. It brought me back to the genre I truly love writing which is epic fantasy and sword and sorcery. There wasn’t too much magic involved in the story but it at least developed some laws for the world.

My next goal is to actually finish world building the world The Blue Mage is in and start publishing the story on Wattpad ( ) as a sort of free novel while I work on Dragon Guardian as well. It may also potentially fall into the same world Dragon Guardian takes place in. I am unsure on that process right now but it was fun writing in that world and can’t wait to revisit it again.

Overall my favorite characters to write were the fairy and Captain Bimandil. Both are not what they appear to be when introduced but are fun lovable characters in the end for everyone. As far as the novel in the world, Captain Bimandil may make another appearance in there but I’m unsure about Elona as of yet. If fans really love her thievery and want to see her new adventures, perhaps she will be included but I know I want to focus on a different character for it that takes place after The Blue Mage ends.

For those curious, the novel will be called “The Bastard’s Price” so leave that to your imagination on what that will entail and how the cover will look as well. Until then, enjoy your time and grab a copy of Once Upon a Time to read The Blue Mage released on September 16th.

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