Techs in Hiding-Background to Kalla

What is a tech you ask? A tech is a person who, with the simple mutation within the brain due to a rare unknown metal within the developing brain. This happens with 1 out of 50,000 children and only 1% of them will have a reasonable amount that allows them to have a tech show prominently. Many of the smaller cases involves a stronger connection to animals, able to stay warmer than normal humans in colder climates and premonitions(aka deja vu).

The more larger scaled techs involved changing the temperature around you to below freezing or above boiling point without harming themselves, turning into a liquid form, warping time and space around themselves, and seeing the auras of people. Many times these actions are confused for supernatural abilities and many in all religions have thought these were miracles and placed these people in high seats of power. The most notable ones can be found with the Oracle of Delphi, Reiki healers, and even some leaders of countries have warped minds to vote for them into their seat.

There are groups, however, that oppose these techs and believe they are freaks of nature. The largest of these anti-tech groups call themselves the Abyss. They collect these techs into buildings and experiment on them until they learn how to harness this power for their own gain to control the world instead of allowing normal humans to possess it. This group has been deemed in many countries as humane due to never seeing the horrific experiments done and only the lower scaled ones which were to watch the brain activity within these techs.

A group of techs within the UK, known as Myst, have gathered together to form a small haven for many techs on the run from Abyss. Myst has helped many techs escape the buildings they were captured in and help them to adjust to the real world or bring them into the organization to help future runaway techs.

Kalla takes place during this time where many techs have been killed and left on the streets for the government to collect or have avoided using their tech at all cost. Myst still thrives, believing that techs should be allowed to use their abilities. The story comes from the point of view of Kalla, a 23 year old tech already captured by the Abyss with no memories of her life outside of the four walls of her cells she has known for the past two weeks.

Read to learn more about the organizations and the many abilities techs can possess in Kalla coming to Amazon ebook shelves late January 2013.

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