Spotlight: Sea Dragon

The Sea Dragon is one of the newer races of dragons. In the beginning only fire dragons existed because of so much volcanic ash everywhere and very little sources of water to even sustain the fire dragons. After Devata gave the land life and the seas began to grow in size, many of the dragons became curious of the water and tried to walk into its depths. Many of these dragons died trying to survive this type of lifestyle but those that did survive, quickly adapted their body. Whether this was something in a dragon’s genetics or Devata, no one truly knows how they evolved so quickly.

The ones who evolved had their skin turn shades of blue and white to hide within the water so their prey couldn’t see them very well and so hunters couldn’t kill them either. At a young age the sea dragon’s teeth are very soft and can’t bite through many fish so usually they would travel in groups and eat krill or other small life forms in the area. They started out just being a few inches long and by the time they reached approximately a foot they were able to hunt smaller fish and fish that were only half eaten in the oceans and rivers. Most sea dragons didn’t get much bigger than this unless they were salt water dwellers and then they could grow to at least 48 feet long. Though there have been rare occasions where a hunter has said to have seen one at 60 feet long.

When in the water their skin, because of it’s color, makes it seem like they turn into the water but in fact their skin is just so well blended that unless you looked close enough you would never know one was there. While young the skin doesn’t seem to help them as they can easily walk out of the water to warm their bodies up because their legs still have small clawed feet instead of pure fins to swim. As they get older, however, they need to be in the water more often or they start to dehydrate too much to the point that they have to live in the water 24/7.

Due to this many Dragon Guardians partnered with a sea dragon are people who live by the sea or nearby rivers. They never made it to the mountains like others and instead had the egg land on the beach near them as a sign of partnership. As more and more Dragon Guardians with a sea dragon began to appear, alchemists designed a potion for the dragons to drink that allowed them to stay out of water a lot longer than before. In response to this potion many of the sea dragons scales would turn into water an drip on the floor but be rebuilt automatically and made them grow at a slower pace than a wild sea dragon.


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