Showing and not telling

No this isn’t really a lesson on showing and not telling but more me ranting about the problem. Have you ever tried to go back to writing something to do more showing and less telling and you just don’t know how to change it. Literally I am just staring at a paragraph and can’t figure out if its telling too much right now or if I should trash it and figure out a way to rewrite it somehow. Just something I figured I would rant on about.

Oh also a little side note. I have been in a linguistics class with the professor being Chinese so she gets lost in translation sometimes. Well a while back she was talking about how females tend to speak more with phrases like “That place sounds nice” instead of stating it flat out that they want to go there. So our professor says “You know what they say ‘Men are from Earth and women are from Mars.” We all started laughing from her lost in translation phrase but didn’t feel like correcting her because she struggled just to figure out how to phrase it that way and it was really cute.

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