So lately I have been stuck on trying to decide what I wanted to do for NaNoWriMo this year and I finally figured it out. Unlike previous years where I have worked on just straight novels, this year I am going to do a short story/poem based collection of works. Though it will be harder t keep a word count for it, I believe in myself. I have written a novel obviously with this organization so what is stopping me in using it for short stories now?

So you ask what I will be doing with these short stories once I am done and why I am doing short stories instead of my second novel? Well that is an easy answer. I am still editing my novel and don’t wish to focus on the second one until it is published. Until then I plan on writing short stories and uploading them online as ebooks for all my fans to enjoy. There are many genres I will cover from dark fantasy to murder mystery. What will be your favorite? Only time will tell on this matter and until then I will continue to keep you posted on how those things are going.

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