Race Spotlight: Ren Zhe

Ren Zhe

The Ren Zhe are a round-eared elven race who are nomadic in nature. At first glance one might think they are a secluded race because of how hard it is to find them but in fact they are just capable of blending in with other races with no problem. This isn’t just a simple skill but a racial trait they were born with that gives them the ability to transform into a person they have met at will.

Many who spend their time transforming a lot and are not trained have been known to go insane because of a loss of identity and others will be convinced they are another person because of it. Training to prevent this can take close to 10 years of a child’s life and involves them meditating, reading, manual labor, and of course transforming into others with supervision from a mentor. This is the safest way to train someone but the child can still suffer from after effects and is sentenced to death if it were to lead to a severe problem.

Unlike the other races of Narishma, there was only one Ren Zhe who had become a Dragon Guardian. She had an earth dragon and was killed during the Kalio reign. During Kalio’s reign most Ren Zhe were put into hiding and made it impossible for many to reach the dragon nests without being noticed. As such, they treated those who did try to stop Kalio and became Dragon Guardians with the utmost respect.

Their living arrangements included a family caravan as well as a large central tent that all families would go to for eating and parties. This tent was usually next to the head families caravan but was never set up or torn down by the head family but by the branch families. The caravans were usually decorated with clothes of different colors and filled with scents of herbs being burned inside. Outside of the tents during non-hunting days the area was filled with music, alcohol, and food everywhere. This was not for celebrating anything in particular but a common practice by all of the tribe.

The weapon of choice by a Ren Zhe was usually a staff, sword, spear, dagger, or cross bow. Each person was judged in their training on what they would be proficient in and usually this was judged correctly if it wasn’t then the person must prove themselves in front of all the families that they could switch weapons. There have been no written texts or any known person who was capable of wielding all the weapons professionally.

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