Race Spotlight: Michul

The Michul are a winged, but not angelic, dark-skinned race who have lived both among the other races and isolated. At one point in their life they lived as seamen-for-hire or were actual pirates sailing the coastline. Not many lived on land and if they did they wouldn’t stay for longer than a week as they wanted to go out flying or sailing. The ground just made them feel uncomfortable to stay on. They were made for sailing on the sea or flying in the skies.

During one of the ventures on the sea, a Michul came across a woman drowning and almost dead. He rescues her and realizes it is in fact a goddess who had lost most of her energy when she was fleeing from a large fire that almost killed her. With no energy left in her she had been unable to save herself outside of transforming into a human so someone could hear her. The Michul took the goddess to one of the neaby island so the goddess could thank the Michul properly. She used up the last of her energy and turned into a large bird of paradise and proceeded to lift the island into the air so it hovered high above the ground. Having used all her energy, the goddess turned into a stone statue as a beautiful bird.

The Michul understood that this gift was a new home for the Michul and brought all of his men and other Michul families onto the island. There they built a large temple for the goddess’ statue to reside in and for worship and then their own homes on this island. The Michul became a prosperous race and soon forgot about their lifestyle below the island and didn’t even interact with those down below. The last they knew of was the last Dragon Guardian had come and gone and things were peaceful down below.

Due to them not interacting with those below the island many imagined the creatures more as angels, forgetting the fact that they were all once pirates. Even the rich were paying poachers to kill a Michul for their feathers. The Michul, never having truly worried about their wings being injured, soon realized there were major arteries connected to their wings and by cutting off their wings killed them. The current king of the Michul, who happened to be the descendant of the sailor who saved the goddess long ago, proceeded to make an order for no Michul to venture down below the clouds unless with permission from the king himself as well as a group of guards to protect them.

As they continued to prosper above Narishma, they started to advance far faster in technology to the point that much of their machinery revolved around steam power. Although they were far advanced in technology, not all were able to use this technology and were still living in slums and using basic technology that most people below the island could use. Even so with this technology, many Michul of the guard were taught swordsmanship with a weapon they had designed themselves, multi-segmented snake sword.

Outside of their history, they are a very secluded race and not much has been known about them even when they were living among the elves. All that is known is they do not believe in Devata but rather worship the strange goddess who had almost drowned that fateful day and was saved by one Michul.

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