NaNoWriMo – An Asylum for the Writer

People hiding behind their computer screens, others you can’t even notice behind their copies of different worlds and customs that you’ve never even heard of. All of this may seem strange for someone that was always a stay at home “one-day some-day” novelist but during NaNoWriMo this is the norm. Thousands upon thousands of people all over the world come together to write a single 50,000 word novel within a month, something that was never heard of in society just a few decades ago. Decades, such a funny word until I realized I am over 2 decades old. Anyways, back on topic now. NaNoWriMo has existed since July 1999 between a group of friends who thought it would be fun to attempt and since then has blossomed to the popularity it is now.

Many people look at those participating as insane and even those participating feel their sanity drain away until the 1st of December when it all comes flooding back. Obviously you have to be insane in order to participate but it is well worth it when you meet new people in your exact same shoes and having a manuscript you can keep for yourself at the end of the month. Some people go a bit farther and edit the manuscript so its ready to take to publishers while others just go out and hide it in the shadows of their hard drive – never to be seen again.

So what should you write for NaNoWriMo? Well anything honestly. Some people write erotica, others write non fiction. Personally, I’m writing a collection of short stories this year as I don’t want to work on my sequel until an agent truly likes the first book of the Narishma Series. This year will involve short stories I can individual self publish as ebooks for my readers and fans to enjoy. However, I won’t leave this blog alone. Every other day or so I will post about not just my progress but things that could potentially help with getting ready for NaNoWriMo and surviving throughout. Not only will this help my readers but it will keep me motivated to keep writing during the month until I get past the finish line.

Until my next post, just message or comment below with any questions you may want me to answer or focus on during one of my next posts. These next few weeks are about you all and becoming better writers for yourself.

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