As many of you heard, and even those who haven’t heard and just think my title was gibberish, indie writers are all coming together stronger than ever. Their enemy? Kobo. Recently there was a report from someone in the UK on smutty erotica books that had taboo subjects such as bestiality (Dino porn anyone?), incest, child pornography, and even rape.

For those who had published with Amazon on kdp it was understandable. After all, you have to agree that your work is not erotica based before publishing it. However, Kobo did not have such a standard for their work or even an adult filter for their work. Amazon, not wanting to deal with the backlash, took down the erotica indie books as they breached agreements made between writer and distributor. With Kobo it wasn’t far enough to do just this. They took down all indie books, whether they were erotica or children’s books. Despite their intention of removing the taboo erotica they were getting reports on, they kept the publishing house based ones. So all indie authors were being punished while traditionally published writers were having no problems.

This was too far for all of us, even those planning on distributing our books there.

So thus begot the boycott called #kobogeddon on twitter. Now that books were coming back the aim has changed from removing books to just making kobo look bad in general. A plan by Rayne Hall, a great indie writer I have a few books of, began where all indie writers still on kobo should over price all their books. Not by a few dollars but by prices no one would buy at. For example, her books are set at 999 USD and others are selling their book for over $100 and some even at just $59. Over all this is over priced and will drop kobo to the bottom of the “to buy from” list.

If I had books on kobo I would participate in this but for now I shall continue to spread the word of the atrocity that kobo has done to all independent writers. If you are a reader or writer, spread the word on the boycott.

Don’t forget to add Rayne Hall on twitter @raynehall to show your support as well.

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