Kickstarter- A Pledge to Kalla

This page is not endorsed by Kickstarter but here to let you get a better image of who they are.

So as some of you know, I have been writing Kalla and the Abyss as well as self publishing it on Amazon. Well at first I wished to keep it the way it was but then I began to realize that wasn’t enough and I needed some extra cash flow for marketing, designing and editing my books.

Currently I am at $150 of $300 needed for the basic necessities. Past that I will have to decide on what kind of stretch goals I want to do. Some options include a 4th book, a psycal copy of the first three bundled together, a guide book to techs and a live video of the Kalla Series. I will need to calculate the prices for each of these and see if it is possible first.

However, I also come to you all, my blog friends, to aid me in getting this kickstarter funded so if any of you guys can spare just a dollar that would be greatly appreciated. If you didn’t know, the kickstarter logo linked you to the project but if you don’t want to scroll up here it is again.

Kickstarter Project

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