Kalla Meets Medieval Era

993837_646631592042954_588728573_n You heard that right, a Kalla series based in the medieval time period. No I’m not working on it right now but its an idea that has been floating in my head ever since the kickstarter. The only connection it would have with the original series would be that it has techs in it. Kalla of course wouldn’t exist but we may see characters from the original series pop up such as the time traveling techs.

I will also include a futuristic based book as well as a steampunk one too. These projects are still literally in the back of my head as I work on Kalla every day. Perhaps when I make the money from my original series I can afford an editor and everything. If there was a specific genre or time period you enjoy what would you like to see the techs living in? Feudal era Japan? Colonial period? Renaissance?

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