Kalla and the Abyss- Snippit

Enjoy this preview of Kalla and the Abyss. To purchase the ebook for only $0.99 go to http://amzn.to/XactjU

Her eyes began to water up from the thought of dying now while being tied up. Like always her tears started to freeze over then melt back into water without any reason. Instead of the constant cycle, however, something strange began to happen. The solid tears began to form into a human figure and the ones that had turned into a liquid were transforming into hair. Kalla could tell it was a female but how a tear sized female was forming above her eye she had no idea. She thought she was just imagining things and accepted it all happening. After all,freaking out and shooing the small figure away wouldn’t change anything.

“Listen, Kalla. You don’t know who I am but for now just consider me a Guardian Angel. I can’t stay long but know this, we are all waiting to save you but we need an answer from you. When you are ready to escape, burn the grass outside of your window. We will check it every day. Until then, stay alive.” The aquatic form turned around to see Thales walking up to the table with a new syringe. The form turned back to Kalla. “I must go now. I will break your locks to escape the room for now. Use the wind we send to your advantage.” The female disappeared and Kalla could see it reform inside the syringe Thales was holding. It nodded to Kalla and then disappeared from there.

Kalla didn’t understand what was going on but hoped what the human-like water droplet said was true. It wasn’t even a second later when Kalla realized her straps were actually beginning to rot away from something she couldn’t see. Taking advantage of this moment, Kalla launched up and punched Thales as hard as she could in his face. It wasn’t very strong but it was enough to cause Thales to back up before the blow struck. He then froze. His hair began blowing around him and he was lifted off the ground as if he had wings and was flying in the air. She knew it was the wind the aquatic human had told Kalla about and lifted herself off the table. Looking around, she found the syringe he had dropped when the wind had lifted him out of the air and punctured his skin, hoping it was something that would stop him even longer. She was correct. He began screaming in pain while floating in the air and then passed out, still hovering two feet above the ground.

Not wanting to see how long the effects would last, Kalla took out of the laboratory and through the halls, trying to figure out where the best place to hide would be. She tried opening one of the nearby doors but it wouldn’t open. Some scuffling was heard on the other side of the door then violent yelling in an inaudible language. She sighed in relief knowing that if it had opened she probably would be in even more trouble. Continuing down the hall she finally came across her room. It was empty and didn’t seem to have been destroyed by the witches like what usually happened when she left.

Stepping into her cell, it was silent with only the wind from the window seven feet above the ground making a faint whistling noise. She silently closed the door to the cell and sat down on the bed. Her thoughts wandered onto the fact of her head freezing over and the aquatic human that had formed from her tear drops. Kalla wondered what the female meant by there being friends out there or how she was supposed to burn the grass outside of her window. She had no way of creating a fire let alone even get to the window.

The day passed by silently. At moments Kalla wondered if she saw someone walk past her window so she would hide in the darkest corner of the room so she wouldn’t be seen. This worked well for her as one of the times someone had actually squatted down by the window to examine the ground and inside the room to look for someone. She couldn’t recognize them as they soon faded into what looked like dust. The figure never saw her in her little corner and the witches never showed up at her door the rest of the night. She could finally sleep.

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