Still haven’t figured out the full character spread or all the wishes but I did come across an earlier sample of my work in progress for LoveAngel.comUntitled which had some character sheets and photos as references. I might keep this idea since the characters were so well developed that I loved the idea. For those that are curious, the three females are assistants created by Samael, the angel of death and seduction. They are the ones who collect souls for him from those that die from the wishes.

The three females shown in the picture are sisters created by Samael to do his bidding. Xera is the comical one who treats everything like its the big top and can’t take anything seriously in life/death. She possesses a dark, macabre sense of humor and was the one who caused the plague as a sort of joke. Castiel is the more shy one of the group who is constantly abused by the other two and as such doesn’t go out to humans but rather just collects the souls and gives them to Samael as a sort of payment. Finally we have Serissa who is usually the one who meets those that make wishes and is confused as the angel of death and even the ghost of Christmas yet to come from “A Christmas Carol”. She hardly ever talks but usually talks in actions or drawings she makes on a small notepad. Of course the drawings are usually done only around her sisters or Samael.

Then there is Samael who I haven’t even figured out a full background yet. Literally all my ideas have created him to be a multiple personality man. Hopefully I can figure out something for him before NaNoWriMo. Maybe I’ll just make him like Death from Soul Eater.


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