It’s officially 2017, everyone which means resolutions and goals for everyone. For me, my aim is obviously multiple books from novels to an entire serial series with my husband. This will probably equate to around 300k words and hopefully I can find more to write and get out another 200k to total half a million words for the year. ┬áThis is a big goal for me compared to my many years of under 100k in a year of writing even with academic papers. Included with this I’m also going to try and read more, become healthier through exercise/food, and grow my business as an author.

Currently I am snowflake method writing out Dragon Guardian and Celestial Sanction (the serial epic fantasy I am co-writing with my husband). Keep an eye out on my blog for updates on how progress is going with that as my aim is to finish outlining by the 15th. Wish me luck and I look forward to seeing you all in the coming year and growing with me.

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