Some of you may be like me and be extremely far behind while others are right on track or even done now. Well, IĀ applaudĀ those who have gotten past the finish line and wish those still on track good luck. This post does not focus on those two right now but rather those behind on words like me. Some of you may still be under 1k, others might only be a few thousand words behind but either way we need to all catch up.

So here is the deal: As long as I work hard and try and catch up I will expect the same from you all. Well how am I supposed to keep tabs on you who are behind? Not so simple these days. But I will at least post every hour that I am awake for the next few days on how much more I have left to write to be caught up and if you follow me on twitter or follow me on facebook you can post as well to compete with me on who finishes first. For twitter I will be using the hashtag #NaNoCatchUp. We wont be the only ones using it as I have seen others use this hashtag as well.

So how are we going to catch up? Well just keep writing. No I do not mean sit for 5 hours and just write but do it in sprints. Contact a buddy of yours and just sprint away at some words then take a break to let the creative juices flow freely again. I will probably spend about a half hour at the least each time and hope to finish the first short story by the end of the day hopefully. Tomorrow, being Saturday, I will take the time to do NaNo Catch Up Day again and hopefully pump out even more words.

So who is with me in this?

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