The Grimm Legacy
by Addie King
Review by Amber Morant

With all the fairy tales being pulled into mass media as a popular trend again for not only children but adults alike I feel like we are being drowned with the “dark twists” of a which has made the story too predictable. However, King has given us a fresh look on the tales that isn’t just dark for dark’s sake. It possesses comedic value where needed, relationships, and just day to day life that controls everyone’s days.

Grimm LegacyAs a college student I can empathize with the main character, Janie Grimm, on how she reacts to many of the things around her and just wanting to shut life away to focus on school. This gets flipped upside down when she encounters a talking frog prince, a clumsy boy who knows a little about the magic realm, and learns about the curse that has been placed on her. Through the stories of the Brothers Grimm, Janie has to follow the source of the curse and put a stop to it.
Honestly I knew of the Brothers Grimm and many of their fairy tales including Hansel and Gretel. But there was one that I actually had to look up which was near the beginning about the four animals called “Musicians of Bremen.” That’s nothing against King as it’s just more reading I actually enjoyed doing and reading the tale about the animals.

With a small child, of course I had to stop constantly and would have to pick up the book again at later points. Thankfully, it is always easy for me to figure out what had happened earlier as King does occasionally do a refresher which isn’t forced or out of place at all but rather just her actually remembering something and using it to her advantage in the current situation. Even when they used lingo from a lawyer’s perspective a reader wasn’t lost as Janie was learning what these terms meant through the story with us and we were able to empathize with her on her struggled of figuring out school work.

In the end I give the book a 4.5/5 stars and look forward to reading the next two books in the series.

You can find her book on amazon in the link provided.
The Grimm Legacy

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3 thoughts on “Grimm Tales not so Grim

    1. Oh I love dark themed ones too. Though the current dark retellings are seriously drowning out other retellings which are always nice too.

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