Getting Past the Writer’s Block Monster

We all deal with it one day or another. That dreaded last few sentences in a book, the scene that just never wants to write itself. Yet we never stop to think why it is that way besides calling it “Writer’s Block.” Is it simply just a block in our mind that prevents words from flowing out of our fingers or is it something much more?

There are a few ways we can stop the block from happening yet still it comes creeping back like a monster from within our closet. Yet again we sit there, rather than thinking about our manuscript, and fight off the monster with our pencils as swords and a notebook as the shield. Of course this leaves you in the end exhausted and still without any ideas on what to write next. This is because we are feeding the monster our work, our ideas, our creativity when we use these tools as our weapon of choice.

Instead, I propose a new tactic for all writers. Rather than fight the monster, why not play with it a little? Let it relax us in our seats and ignore our work for a short time and acknowledge that we are stumped. Find a good book and write down some awesome stuff you find in it, or even a show relating to your genre that just pores out ideas. Then when all is said and done, you now have a fresh start, the monster has been fed with what looks like procrastination but in reality is helping you with your writing.

With those fresh set of eyes and all the ideas in your mind return to your manuscript and read a few pages in. Feel what you were trying to say and then go at the writing again. You might get a few sentences in, you might even rewrite what you had ended with for a new start. All that’s know is that the darn “writer’s block monster” is in the closet noming on the bones of procrastination rather than your creativity. He is happy with you and may not come back for some time.

So now I turn to you, writers of the world, how do you keep the “writer’s block monster” away? Do you do what I mentioned above? Keep trudging through like there is no tomorrow? Give up and toss away your work? Let’s hear it!

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