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So in order for me to try and also make some money outside of the military and whatnot I have chosen to do some short story contests. One that caught my eye recently was the short story contest for Gemini Magazine. They require you to have a less than 1,000 word short story and can be of any genre you wish. The only catch is it costs 4 dollars for your first entry and 3 extra for each new entry. The prize? $1,000 first prize, $100 second, and $50 for third place. Then there will be the six finalists posted as well to help me spread my name out there even if I don’t make top three.

I am also going to be looking for more contests and hopefully find ones that are free entries. Those are always nice to try and enter in.

For those curious on the contest I am in here is the link to it:

For a list of other contests out there like this one:

Keep on reading and writing, followers. Have a great evening.


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