Fiverr: doing what you love for just $5

So the other week I discovered something pretty amazing, a site called fiverr. For those unfamiliar with it, fiverr is a site where you can do odd jobs (or gigs as they call it) for just $5. Such examples include drawing caricatures, writing short stories, and even making videos of yourself doing something silly. For me, that was a godsend as I wanted to do something that I wouldn’t be bored with doing after  few times and could make some money doing it.

So what do I do you ask? Well I range from making Christmas/greeting cards to drawing chibis to even making short stories for people. Do I plan on buying gigs from others as well down the line to help them out too? Of course because we all start small, even I am small still.

This was a small blog post but I figured I should at least let all of my followers who need to make a bit of extra cash know about my recent discovery.

For those interested in seeing what my fiverr is go here and if you would like buy a gig from me.

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