Dragon Guardian Progress Update and Cover Poll

I just made progress on Dragon Guardian! So far I’m 90% complete on the Story Structure phase. 9 Days remain until the deadline.
[mybookprogress progress=”0.9″ phase_name=”Story Structure” deadline=”1484438400″ book=”2″ book_title=”Dragon Guardian” bar_color=”CB3301″ cover_image=”14″]

You heard that right, folks! I am almost done outlining this next novel and am really excited for it to be completed. I really enjoyed outlining the novel and am looking forward to outlining another book or story this way. Once I am done with the scene beat list I will begin writing Dragon Guardian once more. Now, I’m unsure if I will be using the same cover but I do have another one that was popular as well that I may use. The story has definitely changed a lot since the first time it was published along with some names have changed as well. One inclusion was separating Kalio and the main character so that they were different people entirely. For more exclusive updates and details, consider joining my Patreon.

You can check out the other cover here and leave a comment on which one you like better style wise.

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