Dark Fantasy Author

At this time I will not accept any manuscripts from anyone as my schedule is extremely full. Not only that, but to avoid any issues of stealing of ideas (whether intentional or not) is another reason for no longer accepting any. I don’t want to say this as I love reading others work but right now I will say if you have a published work I will gladly read that if it is within my genres ad might even post up a review of it when I am done.

If you have any questions or just want to talk, I am still open to talking with anyone!

If you would like a book signed by me, please send me the book through the mail with return postage. If you don’t, I can’t guarantee it will return to you.

2 thoughts on “Dark Fantasy Author

  1. Hello, Amber!

    I would just like to know if you are still publishing Dream Eternal on the net. If so, when can we expect to see the 4th issue?

    Steve Faulkner

    1. Hi, Stephen, I have discontinued Dreams Eternal because of the lack of interest and the costs were outweighing the money coming in.

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