Shadow of the Blade

Shadow of the Blade

Anjuu has found herself within the compounds of a fighter ring. Now on top, she must fight her way to escape and destroy the Queen once and for all.

She is an assassin. Trained in the arts of killing and stealth. Now she has a dragon.

Anjuu has travelled over Narishma to hunt for the rebellion only to find herself aiding their leaders. With her new allies, her focus turns to the Queen, Kalio, and her choices are simple. Save the kingdom of Narishma or let the Drow remain free.

Tosh has hidden himself from all communications with a dragon hatchling beside him. He’s not a Dragon Guardian though but is forced to train one just the same until Anjuu returns. Through all of this, Devata continues to pull the strings of his fate from beyond the grave and reveal a history long forgotten by the people.

Azrael is left with nothing but despair as he holds onto his life within the dungeons as the Queen’s and Mestre’s plaything. At least until he finds a way to escape with his sister, Rahani. All he needs to do is find a way to survive and get past all the guards. Finding Anjuu and stopping the Queen is all that drives him beyond.

Kalio is on the brink of war and all she can do to hold her sanity together is knowing the Drow have overcome the elves within the capital and her dragon still lives. Yet her mind is focused on finding the elusive Anjuu that she knows is still alive when no one found the Shadow’s body.

Each one reaching to create a world in their own image, yet a war does not hold all as winners in the end. With the battles coming to the forefront, the power of dragons may make all the difference in finding who will conquer Narishma. If Anjuu can become a full-fledged Dragon Guardian, she may yet prove the prophecy right. If not, then Kalio will burn all her enemies to the ground.

When enemies become friends and friends turn to enemies, there will be few anyone can trust. The only truth stands when the body is a lifeless corpse in a battle of betrayal.

Decide which side you are on in this second installment of the Dragon Guardian Wars trilogy.

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About the Book
Series: Devata Saga, Book 2
Genre: Dungeonpunk
Publisher: Dragon Soul Press
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: B0813S2Z1X
ISBN: 9781674369556
List Price: $14.99
eBook Price: $3.99
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