For many being an ML (Municipal Liaison) is pretty simple since they can plan around the town they live in. For me, its a bit tougher. Not only does my college prevent me from traveling far but so does my pregnancy. Not a big problem if I was in a specific city region but I am in an Elsewhere region. For those unfamiliar with those regions, Elsewhere literally means everywhere that’s not covered in that state by a city region. So I, and another ML in my region, cover all of Ohio. Its pretty tough but we are hoping to get it done. I know I want to do some virtual write-ins but still want to figure out a way to do a kick off.

Outside of that, things are going smoothly. I convinced two of my friends to participate in NaNoWriMo this year with a possible third friend as well and maybe even a fourth. So if I can get them to talk to people to have them join I may be able to do some quick write-ins at a cafe of some sort or even some at my school.

Don’t forget, if you want to add me on NaNoWriMo don’t be afraid to. My name on there is Kalio_chan and I will add you back as well. Umm that’s all I got for today. Oh by the way: Happy Leif Erikson Day! Hinga Dinga Dorgin!

Happy Leif Erikson Day!

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