First, before I post what I planned on posting I need to apologize for not doing this on time. I was stupid busy yesterday with life and internet dying on me.

Anyways, as some of you know this week is banned book week. Our school is celebrating it on Friday by selling books for the English Club and even selling the banned books during random sales throughout the day. I’m honestly looking forward t it to see if I can get any interesting books.

So what will I be talking about for banned book week? Well my top favorite banned books in the world.

1. Harry Potter

Ok, its not a full on banned book like many but its banned in many Christian schools and families. I mean, it was even burned by a lot of groups and claimed to be a religious document for those who “worship Satan.” It wasn’t even banned back when it first came out or anything, there is still controversy running around on that book. Despite the controversy, its still a great book that I loved reading when I was growing up.

2. The Catcher inn the Rye

I’m sure many of you read this book as teens and loved it or as adults and hated it. I read it just last year though and thought the book was brilliant in capturing the thought process of teens all across society and generations. Anyways, this book was banned in high schools because of the language and sexual content within it. Some schools that didn’t ban it sometimes even required students to get a permission slip signed from their parents to let them read it. Ridiculous honestly.

3. Dictionary

Yea this one is a bit ridiculous sounding but there are some states in the 70s and 80s that wanted to ban it for some of the lingo allowed in the book. Sadly the dictionary continues to add made up words to it such as “twerking” or “swag” to name a few.

4. Where’s Waldo

No it wasn’t because Waldo was just hard to find but because in one of the books there was a beach scene that had a topless woman. It was banned in New York for this reason. Now if someone can find this book and that specific woman then why are you not finding Waldo?! I mean I can’t even find that stripped guy let alone find some naked women in the scene.

5. The Bible

Yes I know its hard to believe that this book would be banned anywhere but of course this book was banned in other countries because of discrimination against Christians. This one isn’t a very surprising thing to be banned though unlike the others but I figured I would add this in my top list of banned books.

So my question for you all is what is your favorite banned book?

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