Arcadia is a play that is set in both the 1800s and the present-ish (1990s) however it does not jump through time with each scene but happens simultaneously. The only similarities, that I saw, was a turtle that had two different names that was alive during both time periods and the actors all were present in the same room.

This play was excellent to read and very comedic in nature. However, what I loved the most was the blend of science and art together in this novel.  Thomasina, one of the main characters, is based off on the computer programer Ada Lovelace. By using her mathematical equations she created drawings such as rabbits and even created paintings in her lessons with Septimus.

Many compared the book to a cyclical fashion, but I viewed it as two timelines merging together.  At the beginning of the play the two time periods are very much seperated but on the last page we find Thomasina dancing with Septimus and Hannah with Gus both in the same room dancing to the same waltz. A perfect ending to a novel of science, math, comedy, and art all put together.

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