The idea of our world after an apocalypse has usually brought up the idea of surviving during the apocalypse. However, a big topic is what happens once society has rebuilt? Will we mutate into a new race entireely? Will we gain new abilities? That is what I want to explore in my Narishma series. Some books may not bring up any pre-apocalyptic history at all while others may rely on a plot that is based on that item.

Old Man's Cave
Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills

For those familiar, Shannara Chronicles has mentioned this idea multiple times throughout its books without blatantly stating it is our own world in the future. However, how I want to work diffeerently is that magic doesn’t get rebuilt but is part of mutations along with Elves, Drow, and other races. My best course of action for that would thus be by using my own hometown area of Dayton, Ohio and going as far out as Hocking Hills.

The series would still be epic fantasy, obviously. So those who dread the idea of their books being post-apocalyptic don’t fret because it is perfectly fine to enjoy the books and be oblivious to the fact of how some of the technology or old world relics might be from our own world. In the future, I may go deeper into this idea, but for now it’s back to the drawing board on making sure my world building can fit this scenario.

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