Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award!

It is that time of year again. The time of the year that I sit staring at the screen and wondering if I can finish editing my manuscript in time to submit it to Amazon and become a published author through them. So what is the ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) you ask? Simply it is a contest for Authors across the globe to submit their manuscript along with a pitch and excerpt that will prove that they are indeed the next big thing in the book industry.

I found out about this contest through CreateSpace back when I first self published my novel, Dragon Guardian. I was so excited but knew my book was nowhere near being able to get finished being edited in time for submission. I watched as at least eight great authors picked up on this opportunity and got their books published by Amazon and did great things with it. Now this year I believe I can enter. I have until the 27th to submit or until 10,000 people submit entries(whichever comes first) and I am unsure if I can do all of it by then as the book is so long and needs so many edits and new entries put into it that weren’t there originally such as adding in more details.

So besides being published what am I to expect if I win? Well the grand prize is obviously the publishing of the book but also $50,000 up front payment. For first place winners they will be published as well with a $15,000 up front payment. Finalists will also receive a paid trip to the venue the prizes will be given at with one of their friends and given $200 spending money each day.

I think I have what it takes this year. I believe in myself and believe in all my fans that I can do it. Wish me luck, readers!

I am not affiliated with Amazon or part of the ABNA association. I am simply stating opinions of what I have read so far on the matter and should not be held liable for any changes in the event. For more information on ABNA go to

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