Ahem, am I doing this correct? Mrs. Morant told me to type something for her today as she was too tired to get on the computer to write today. Well my name is Kalla Inez, a cryotechnic from the United Kingdom. I’m actually the main character of the new upcoming short story Kalla and am really excited for the idea of my story being known to others in the world.

Humans must know my story and the story of those who passed on because of the Abyss organization. I was recently captured and held as a prisoner and used as an experiment for that organization. Thankfully the group Myst found me and has hence forth helped to rescue me from their clutches. How, you ask? Well that is simple, they just- oh wait, I was told I’m not allowed to spoil that part. Well the author did tell me to entertain you all with who I was so I guess giving you the basic run down like I had should keep you interested for now.

Anyways, I was also informed the book should be out mid January hopefully now. It has only a little bit left to write and then it will be sent to the editing board to be reviewed and placed on Amazon for only $.99. I think I deserve to be worth more than that but that is her price. Anyways, this is Kalla Inez signing out. Hopefully the author enjoyed her day off from being on the blog and you all enjoyed me writing this time. Enjoy the new year!


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