The Snake and the Wall

By Sheer MadnessThey called him The Unstoppable Wall yet no one bothered to look beyond the wall. A castle uses its walls as a shield and its warriors stood beyond to bite the heads off the survivors. That was who she was; The Warrior Serpent.

She never intentionally hid but their combination of endurance and speed was unmatched and no one would ever see her before they died. Ever since she was a child, The Wall was never far. She was simply his shadow that trained to maintain that position.

The Wall faltered one day and someone found the crack in his stone. An arrow pierced the Snake’s body and found its home within. The Snake fell to the ground, unable to continue being the shadow of the man who stood before her. When her vision faded, her last image was of The Wall campaigning through the demons.

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Art by Sheer Madness.

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