Snow Goddess

cf0647b7005c6286f62006b6a746cc8eHer dress was sewn with the very snow that carpeted the frozen mountains. Time had stood still for her in the vast wasteland. Some say she was one of the ancient beings who conquered the world but I believe she is the first to even walk the Earth and will be the last at the end of time itself.

Every year, for pilgrimage, we were to travel to the top of her mountains. Very few survived the full climb, leaving a large encampment at the valley. I had nothing left to lose in this life so seeing her would be my spiritual release from this world. No one would miss me but everyone would know me if I made it.

They were right, you know, about how dangerous the climb was. An avalanche had taken me hostage, leaving only a wall of ice as my window to the outside world. She knew I was there and I knew she could see me in her frozen home above. The howling of her snow dragons warmed my soul one last time before darkness welcomed me.

All I remember was seeing a beautiful dress and a face frozen in time that had seen death plenty before me and more after. I was just another snowflake who had dreamed pf being worthy of the storm.

Image by Applibot, Inc/Legend of the Cryptids.