The Holy War

d5278a13f06085e344f5e5685e6cccdeSwords clashed in angelic tune. Her heart raced at the thought of death flying high above. This was her destiny; to protect her country for Queen and Gods. The enemy which lurked behind the lines was here and she would defender her people from him.

“For Glory!”

“For Freedom!”

“The Queen!”

All hailed what each was fighting for. Defeat was unheard of for their kingdom. The Holy lands were blessed and gifted to them long ago. Demons had tried to gain it for their own but the church and its soldiers fought back each time.

It only took a second. A large ogre, wielding a hammer made from the trunk of a large oak tree clambered over to her. She lifted her shield to block the attack but to no avail. The last she remembered was the music of swords and the hand of the ogre dragging her away from the battle field.

Beyond the battle, garbed in darkened plate armor stood a man even she wished did not exist. His golden hair fluttered behind him as he watched the war blaze on. The mad had visited her many times before and had seduced her each time with his brilliant green eyes. He was her ultimate sin and yet perhaps her saving grace. Lucifer of Brilliant Light and Gabriel
of Ultimate Wisdom now looked to one another. No longer as lovers but as mortal enemies.