Sleeping Beauty

609aefaab15d34286934e0882fcd1903She was my Sleeping Beauty. Every day she slumbered in the stone bed within the tower. Her people had long since forgotten about her but I didn’t. Since I was a young child I walked up those empty stairs and wondered what she was dreaming about. The flowers in the wild gardens decorated her room and pulled me in more to see her.

It was foretold that her true loves kiss would awaken her. Would I be worthy? Was I even her true love or was I just a boy who grew up into an obsessed man? Just one kiss would prove it. Just one sign of affection. But if I failed…could I even find myself worthy to stay here?

No, I need to know. If I continue down this path I will become old and crippled, unable to walk these stairs. By doing this we can enjoy youth together. If it fails I will continue to admire and keep her company all the same. It has become my duty and fate.

So now, just one kiss will do…

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