No, I’m not creating a new blog but I was working on some blog pages for my class. Literally it was for English Majors as a survival guide. It was pretty tough since I had to do an entire page on how to cite strange sources. I did learn a lot from doing this project since I was able to use some of what I learned in later papers during the process. For example, I learned how to cite lectures which I could use in a later paper for the same class and even learned to cite tweets. Yes, that’s right, you can now cite tweets in your research papers. Honestly, I want to see a paper that does cite a tweet.

As far as other things going on in my class, I just did a big research paper on Sylvia Plath and how she relates to the occult. I learned a lot of things about her such as how she used a Ouija Board and how she wrote about the supernatural a lot beyond just metaphors. It was an interesting paper and didn’t think I would get much out of it but I was surprised. Anyways, I have hope I passed all of my classes this semester, my biggest fear is my math since she kind of screwed me over when it came to when homework was due for her.