First I’m gonna say today is my birthday! I am officially 22 years old now. Secondly, I waited until today to post this because I wanted to announce it as my birthday. So yay! *throws confetti everywhere*

*ahem* Anyways, today also begins the most active time for most in NaNoWriMo. Most people are now starting their NaNo Prep work today and the forums are being wiped sometime today. So that is always an exciting thing to do. For many the prepping involves doing some strange research that could get us in trouble. Some even wishing they could get their hands of the Anarchist’s Cookbook or whatever it is.

For me I’m just glad I have Scrivener by my side and can sort out all my character sheets, places, pictures, and notes. Its such a beautiful thing to use and suggest any writer out there get a copy of it or Liquid Story Binder. I used that back when it was a free trial and loved its look but of course Scrivener was a bit nicer on formatting things.

So now I’m trying to build for and design all the characters, deaths, and the setting of it all as well as how I plan on writing it. One theory is to write in third person about specifically the person making the wish. Another idea is for it to be around a police officer’s experience on trying to solve the murders. Unsure yet but that’s my biggest issue right now.

As for Kalla, I am furiously writing that right now. Of course I keep thinking I am going in the right direction and find out its completely wrong and wont work and so I get stuck. Its a complicating process since I have it all planned out on how I want it to end but nothing seems to help lead the book in the direction at all for the final book or just flies too fast through that part.

Well, I think that’s all for today. Please don’t forget to like my facebook page and follow me on twitter!