Being on NaNoWriMo as an ML, I get new ideas all the time for wrimos and myself to help in writing. Right now I have a small leather bound book as a type of bible but what if I need something more…portable. Or what if I want to just make small notes that I can’t include in my book because I need to research them more later. Well before I would just memorize things or put it as a sticky note on my desktop and this tends to get cluttered as well. Thankfully someone on NaNoWriMo introduced me to a peculiar object called  hipster PDA( or hPDA for short) that was fairy easy to make and not all that pricey. I love the idea of doing this and even started designing my own version of the hPDA that you can view. It is still being designed right now so it needs a lot more before I print it out. As a gift for one of my friends I am also making her an hPDA for her birthday as she also writes. Will it catch on, I don’t know. What I do know is this is pretty interesting and can’t wait to actually print mine out.