The moon dragon is a very rare species but at the same time does not possess any true element to control for itself. The moon dragon gets its name because of its pure white scales and hatches only during a full moon.

It is possible for them to partner with a Dragon Guardian but is even more rare than them actually existing. Thus far there are only 3 accounts of a Dragon Guardian with a moon dragon. The first being Tosh, the first Dragon Guardian, the second Kalio, the first Drow, and the third being Emily, the last Dragon Guardian. A moon dragon only has a partner who they believe will do great things in life but not necessarily good things. Due to this fact someone who is partnered with one is treated with the highest respect.

There have been accounts where a Dragon Guardian attempted to color their dragon white with paints but it has always failed and they were forced to live in shame with no power and loss of their dragon. Other times people didn’t even bother to paint their dragon but tried to grab a moon dragon egg but were swalled by the mother dragon near the cave as punishment.

Although they do not have an elemental ability of their own they do possess the power of aging at will. A moon dragon can sense when their Guardian needs them to be stronger by and can speed up their aging process threefold. This has only been seen and recorded twice but it is believed Tosh’s dragon also sped his aging process up.

As Dragon Guardians were no longer needed and hunted once again the moon dragon learned and taught many of the others to survive by changing their form to that of a human like appearance. They named themselves Draconi and lived withing the mountains while only leaving for the most important of things.