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  • Patreon for Authors

    Kickstarter was once one of the largest websites where people could support a particular creative in order to get some stuff out of it all. However, Patreon has come and taken over the scene ...

  • Writing 100k Words in a Month and Not Fail

    This month is #March100kChallenge in one of the groups I am in. Of course, being the NaNoWriMo nerd that I am, 100K words in one month was exciting. I mean who wouldn’t want to write all of ...

  • Writing with Children

    As a parent of a 3-year-old, I know it can be tough writing with children running around your entire house. From the constant early morning wake up calls, to scheduling play dates, and even just ...

    • The Snake and the Wall

      The Snake and the Wall

      They called him The Unstoppable Wall yet no one bothered to look beyond the wall. A castle uses its walls as a shield and its warriors stood beyond to bite the heads off the survivors. That was who she was; The Warrior Serpent. She never intentionall...

    • King of Skulls

      King of Skulls

      The prophecy had foretold of his coming. The King of Skulls was the name given to him by the ancient ones. Since that day, my family protected his thrones. As an added guard, the ancients used the last bit of their energy and sealed the door so that ...

    • The Brawler’s Pit

      The Brawler’s Pit

      She looked out to the crowd. Ever since she was a young girl, Etreya had been placed in the Brawler’s Pit. Gifted with the strength of men twice her size, she survived against her opponents who were now no longer breathing. It wasn’t necessary to...

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